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Precision Cancer Medicine Building

UCSF Is Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Our new UCSF Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building (PCMB) establishes the gold standard for comprehensive cancer care. In sunlit rooms with a dedicated staff keenly sensitive to physical and emotional needs, patients and their families will feel supported throughout their personal cancer journey.

Just steps away from a world-class cancer research center, this new building on our Mission Bay campus brings together top researchers, oncologists, surgeons and other clinicians — leaders in almost every form of cancer discovery and care — to foster new treatments and speed their delivery to patients.

This unique hospital is part of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is consistently ranked among the top cancer hospitals in California. The center takes an innovative and individualized approach to cancer based on a detailed understanding of the patient's genetic or molecular information — the "signatures" that make every tumor unique.

Cutting-Edge Care and Facilities

PCMB has the space and equipment to offer the newest treatments, such as infusion with genetically engineered viruses that target specific cancer cells, and cutting-edge tests, including genetic sequencing of tumors and germline testing to look for gene mutations associated with cancer risk.

Radiation oncology and game-changing advances in cancer treatment like these will be readily available: immunotherapy, phase I clinical trials and genetic sequencing.

In an era when patients taking on the biggest challenge of their lives are often made to feel like anonymous faces in a crowd, the PCMB redefines comprehensive cancer care. Not only are their needs met thoughtfully and efficiently, but the variety of specialized care providers and the very layout and design of the building allow each patient to feel seen and heard.

Central hubs facilitate clinical collaborations. A patient's care team can easily confer and review test results and treatment plans together to make sure patients stay on course and beneficial adjustments to therapy can be made. The facility also integrates essential specialty departments such as pathology, radiology and surgery.

Support, Warmth and Light

Infusion bays filled with natural light share floors with physician practices, making it easier for a doctor to stop by if a patient has a question. Patients also have access to psycho-oncologists, genetic counselors, symptom management clinicians, social workers, chaplains, financial navigators and nutritionists, as well as complementary therapies that can bolster their health, such as acupuncture, biofeedback and yoga.

And because people undergoing cancer treatment often need prompt assessments or care for side effects, the PCMB has a dedicated acute care center. Patients can call for guidance from a triage nurse, often avoiding hours in an emergency room by visiting our acute care center.

Convenience: All in One Place

Instead of a day of multiple appointments at multiple locations, PCMB patients will check in just once at centralized registration. A real-time location system then allows them to move around the campus without fear of missing an appointment. There's no need to travel between buildings or across the city to complete steps in evaluations or treatments.

The lobby offers a friendly first stop that includes:

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center: Expert Treatment for All Types of Cancer

The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center was the first center in the Bay Area to receive the prestigious "comprehensive" designation from the National Cancer Institute. With cutting-edge facilities, comprehensive care programs and innovative research, we help patients with all forms of cancer live longer, fuller lives.

Learn more about the cancer center and the many UCSF programs that support cancer patients and caregivers.

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